Rabbit a la Ligure


1.5 kg rabbit
1 onion
1 clove garlic
sage, bay leaf and rosemary
80 grams of black olives taggiasche
2 tablespoons pine nuts
200 ml of white wine
extra virgin olive oil


Cut the rabbit and reduce it to pieces. Place them in a pan without any seasoning and cook until the meat does not eject the liquid. Throw it away and at this point to proceed with the recipe. Pour into the pan the extra virgin olive oil, chopped onion along with the chopped herbs and pine nuts. Cook everything well by frying the rabbit thoroughly. Season with salt and add the wine, let completely evaporated. Now cover with lid and cook for 50-60 minutes over low heat turning the meat occasionally and combining a little broth if necessary. After 30 minutes of cooking add some olives. Cook and serve hot.

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