Red fruits, dark chocolate and red wine: the foods that help the health of the human body

Vegetable antioxidants are now essential molecules in our body to protect cells from oxidative damage, among them stand out especially abundant flavonoids in red fruits, dark chocolate and red wine.

Studying some data from about 573 men surveyed, it revealed an interesting fact concerning exposure to fine particles for a period of 11 years.These men tend to suffer from a variability in the heart rate just when smog levels rise for at least 48 hours; in particular the subjects that showed a particular genetic predisposition suffered greater damage. This provision concerns a system of proteins in our body are able to interact with our immune system (TLR2, toll-like receptor 2).

But the interesting discovery came after these individuals have started taking antioxidants from the diet; in these conditions the damage caused by pollution is decreased in non-predisposed subjects and in those genetically predisposed This interaction appears to involve epigenetic signals, or signals from external dependent from our lifestyle, that affect our genetic code, specifically affect its expression, proving once again how more important is what we do than what we are.

Source: cronachedi

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