Gnocchi, ravioli and game: Quantum specialties of traditional Emilian cuisine

Crossing the Emilian countryside, walking along the Walk of Crostolo to Canali in the province of Reggio Emilia, an eye catcher on Quantum farmhouse. The restaurant’s name refers to something small, but rich (as the fact), as rich it is the proposal of the restaurant in the name of diversification and completeness.
Quantum is in fact not a simple farmhouse, but a restaurant that offers selected specialties of the region’s tradition, an agricultural farm careful to follow step by step the evolution of its products and even before a life plan and a proposal for the loversof the Emilian authentic flavors. The project is that of the young Chiesi brothers who gave new life to the legacy of his grandfather and father to turn it into a gastronomic and cultural project: 90 000 meters of campaign aimed to the cultivation of cereals and viticulture, enlarged today to other products as fruit and vegetables that are the raw materials of the menu, spaces for cultural and musical events, a farmhouse that is the refreshment point of sports, families and passers of the Crostolo, a point of arrival and departure.

quantum staff

“All there is in the menu is produced internally – says Domenico, the youngest of four siblings – from grain with which we produce the flour of our bread, the pasta and our pizzas, to the vegetable side dishes. We aim to offer a proposal for a culinary value given the quality of raw materials and the excellence of the dishes prepared according to the real Emilian tradition”. And when the quality of its food and wine and food traditions are a cultural richness, they combine with other cultural proposals of Quantum.

In line with Emilian tradition the dishes are mostly based on game: unmissable in the top Gnocchi with ragout of hare and Handkerchiefs creamy with radicchio and sausage. Attention also to chard and spinach ravioli: the pastry dough is thin at the right point to accommodate the filling, tasty and rich. Among the latter sent into raptures boar alla cacciatora with polenta and Royal Roast veal in rosemary and sage, not to mention the Duck at currant and what is the riot of flavors of Emilia, the guinea fowl with balsamic vinegar. There are few dishes on the menu but for a specific reason: “We want to bring out and enhance the wealth of our territory by offering a quality proposal.
So a few dishes, but higher for the care we have towards our customers and the culinary tradition itself “. In the kitchen to direct row Pietro is helped by the rest of the family, Davide and Enzo. To accompany these strengths of game the wine list favors the territory, Lambrusco in the forefront. And in the summer forecast the wine and food culture project started by the brothers Chiesi articulates with proposals in line with the season: in the menu you will be able to choose from the list of the favorite ice cream flavors prepared internally and with raw materials of the farm; while in the park in front of the house a number of events will enliven the evenings with the meter pizza, thin and cooked less time to make it more digestible, and summer dishes.

quantum (1)

“Quantum is the realization of our project of life that with my brothers we grow from children to manage a restaurant business together, enhance the family’s land, the Emilia and return to our guests quality ingredients with dishes that contain the taste of the area’s history”.

Via Francesco De Sanctis 7
Canali (Re)
Phone: 041 5020889 – 348 37580889 – 335 5850264
Open Tuesday to Friday lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner only, Sunday by appointment
Closed on Monday
Parking: yes
Vacation: Variable


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