The 10 commandments for pasta according Bottura

If there is one thing in which Italians are the masters, it is pasta. He knows very well the Spanish newspaper L’Avanguardia who asked to the three stars chef Massimo Bottura the rules to make a perfect Italian pasta.

Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura

The chef de l’Osteria Francescana has thus given its special handbook of rules to follow for perfect pasta.

Here it is in brief

The pasta is not an ingredient. In Italy is a dish in itself

Balance in the dressing. The amount of sauce, for example, must be subject to the amount of paste

Use true pasta made in Italy. Or do it at home.

Attention to the shapes used. Each shape has its own favorite toppings

To cook the pasta, it takes a large pot and you have to wait until the water starts to boil before “to anchor”

Always read the directions for cooking times. Each shape has its

Eat the pasta with a fork, do not cut it with a knife

When you eat pasta, make as little noise as possible. You are not eating ramen

Careful not to overdo it. The pasta has to be placed in a balanced diet

Do not ask to an italian mother to cook “fettuccine Alfredo”, because it simply does not exist

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