2016 will be the International Year of legumes. FAO will propose a series of initiatives throughout the year to raise awareness and encourage the consumption of these foods.

2016 is the International Year of legumes. This was established by the UN, and it’s up to the FAO, the UN agency for food and agriculture, based in Rome, launch a series of initiatives to raise awareness of the value of these foods. Lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas are a valuable source of protein and amino acids, low in fat and high in fiber. They are essential in a healthy diet to combat obesity, diabetes, coronary disease and cancer.

Legumes, a food on the tables of people from at least 10,000 years, are a good alternative to meat, keep cholesterol in balance and not only do well to humans. They are also an important source of protein for animals and enrich the soil of nutrients for the plants. Yet, their consumption is decreasing, even though they are now in vogue on the vegan tables and as ‘superfood’.
legumi zuppa
To promote consumption, the UN has declared 2016 International Year of legumes and FAO has collected on its site well 850 recipes from around the world with legumes: from Githeri of Kenya to Tamalitos to the Inflacion of Costa Rica, from Bhuna Kichuri of Bangladesh to the indian Dal, from the dutch Eretensoep to the algerian Chourbat al-bourghol.

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