The real Bolognese Sauce

From the website of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, the following recipe “updated” the Classic Bolognese Sauce, filed October 17, 1982 by the Delegation of Bologna of the Italian Kitchen at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bologna, in order to ensure continuity and compliance with the gastronomic tradition of Bologna in Italy and in the world.

300 g lean ground beef coarse,
150 g pork belly, fresh
50 g of yellow carrot,
50 g celery,
50 g of onion,
300 g of tomato sauce or peeled,
½ cup dry white wine,
½ cup whole milk,
a little broth,
olive oil or butter,
½ cup cream to mount (optional)


Melt in a pan preferably earthenware or thick aluminum, about 20 cm, the bacon cut into cubes first and then finely chopped.
Combine 3 tablespoons of olive oil or 50 g of butter and finely chopped vegetables and let dry gently.
Add the ground beef and mix well with a wooden spoon until browned making “sizzles.”
Add the wine and stir gently until it is completely evaporated. ragu
Combine the tomatoes sauce or the whole peeled tomatoes, cover and simmer slowly for about 2 hours, adding, when necessary, broth, towards the end add the milk to soften the acidity of the tomato.
Season with salt and pepper.
Eventually, when the sauce is ready, according to the custom of Bologna, add cream if you use it to flavor dried pasta (tagliatelle for its use is to be excluded).

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