The Emiliana “Sheet”


One whole egg for every 100 grams of flour ’00’


Egg and flour, in the proportion of one for every 100 grams.
These are just the ingredients for the pastry, the base that is used to prepare endless varieties of pasta and stuffed: tortellini with tagliatelle, from squares to maltagliati, the tortelloni to strichetti.
Ingredients in part, which are more or less equal in all recipes – although there are variants, for example on the type of flour to be used, the addition of salt or water – that which affects the quality of the dough is the processing procedure.
The dough should be worked long, on this agree all “rezdore”: at least 15-20 minutes, until air bubbles appear, like small vesicles. It helps a lot the fact that your hands are warm. The preparation is simple: you have the flour on a work surface or cutting board, a fountain. At the center they break the eggs, whole. Then begins to incorporate the flour until it forms a dough. When the ingredients are well blended should wash their hands thoroughly and clean the surface, eliminating the slightest amount of flour or lumps. At this point begins the process itself: with the palms of your hands vigorously knead the dough, folding it over itself and pulling in different directions, until it becomes smooth and elastic. How long it takes depends on several factors: the technique, the flour, the temperature and humidity of the environment and from the hands of those who work. It is not, in any case, a quick operation. Modena has a proverb that says: “La pasta bein mnèda l’e’ meza tirèda” which means, “the well-kneaded dough is pulled half.” The more elastic the dough easier it will be, later, roll the dough to achieve the desired pasta.
When the processing is finished, the “rezdore” advise let it rest at least 20 minutes, preferably locked in a plastic bag because it maintains the right moisture and does not dry out too much, a condition that makes it difficult to further processing. After resting, the dough of the dough should be applied – with the aid of a rolling pin – on the cutting board, to obtain a sheet of uniform thickness and of round-oval shape, from which derive the desired shapes.

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