Beetroot to help our heart and improve sports performance

Improve sports performance is the desire of many of us and now it would seem possible without great effort with the introduction in our diet of simple Beetroot juice.

The red beet is a vegetable very rich in water, protein, dietary fiber; there are also several vitamins, particularly those of the B group and a good percentage of mineral salts, including potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.
Beetroot has remarkable re-mineralizing and refreshing properties and is very rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants that are beneficial to the heart and microcirculation. Recent studies have investigated the special ability of beetroot, focusing in particular on those carried out in the athletic field and beyond. This vegetable, not always known and perhaps little present on our tables, would play a positive role on cardiac activity. The results are really interesting and important for our well-being, in particular, in subjects who drank beetroot juice, there has been a considerable increase in the blood flow of skeletal muscles involved in physical activity. The increased blood flow would seem to involve in particular the fast-twitch muscles, the ones involved in the explosive race. These muscles are generally less oxygenated than the other skeletal muscles. What is even more important is that this increase in the flow of oxygen would be able to significantly improve the quality of life in patients with heart failure.

In this kind of subject it is obviously of vital importance physical exercise, but it is not always possible or easy, for this we the beetroot juice comes to help, thanks to its principal ability to increase the supply of oxygen to these muscles, is a therapeutic way to improve the quality of life of these patients. What accounts for these prodigious capacity? the answer would seem to be in the high concentration of nitrates in beetroot, in fact 70 milliliters of beet juice would count how many nitrates as those present in 100 grams of spinach. The nitrate once present in the body is transformed into nitrite, which would seem able to protect the blood vessels from injury. good concentrated beetroot. The nitrate once present in the body is transformed into nitrite, which would seem able to protect the blood vessels from injury. The nitrite is subsequently converted into nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator that dilating blood vessels increase the blood flow with resulting increase of oxygen to the muscle cells, this translates into greater production of energy and resistance. For the welfare of the heart and muscles thus a good concentrate of beetroot.

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