LissaIn the Veneto region, in the province of Vicenza, there is an unpolluted valley surrounded by chestnut and beech trees at the foot of the Little Dolomites mountain range.

Here you will find the company Fonti di Posina, which bottles water from two springs of low mineral content water, one of which is located on the right of the Posina river, in Lissa, and the other on the left bank, a few kilometres before the tiny village of Doppio.

The two springs are situated in an area where, more than a century ago, Italian and foreign researchers began to carry out geological, stratigraphic and petrographic studies. These studies have continued over the years, carried out most recently by researchers from Padova University.


h5o7dpZlThe mineral springs Beber-Doppio and Lissa are located in an area which is particularly interesting from the geological point of view. A knowledge of the most significant aspects of the geology of this area gives an insight both into the evolution which this region has undergone since the times when the most ancient rocks were formed, and into the origin of mineral waters.


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