Neapolitans migliaccio

Neapolitan migliaccio is the sweet for winter-end holidays. A little ‘carnivalesque, a little’ Paschal. Soft, fresh, slightly sweet and from simple ingredients with a delicious fragrance to match with a sweet wine, like it for its flavor, delicate and highly aromatic. It is a rather caloric cake, but also a delight for the most discerning palates. It derives its name from millet flour, once used to prepare various dishes. His presence at the foot of Vesuvius dates back to the Middle Ages: the eleventh century, in fact by the term miliaccium they used to indicate a kind of “millet bread.” Also widespread in Tuscany (where it was prepared with a mixture of pig’s blood and flour), its origins date back to Roman times, when they were preparing tasty focaccias made from millet labeled miliaceus.

In Campania Migliaccio it is widespread, especially in Sorrento Coast and in Naples. With many variations such as adding sheep ricotta (or buffalo) and liquor to the mixture, like anise (alternatively Rhum or Strega). But also of water instead of milk, as it happens, for example, in some villages of the peninsula where it is not uncommon to find different versions of the tasty dish prepared with almonds and candied citron. The Migliaccio is very easy to prepare at home. Let’s see how in the recipe more widespread.
Ingredients (for 12 persons)

– 250 grams of flour
– 1 liter of milk
– 300/350 gr of sugar
– 500 g creamy ricotta
– 2 packets of vanilla
– 1 vial of orange blossom (or lemon and orange peel)
– 5 eggs
– 30 g butter
a pinch of salt

Put the milk, butter and salt in a saucepan and warm up. Just sign of boiling, add the semolina and, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, cook for a few minutes. As soon as the mixture begins to thicken, turn off and let cool, stirring constantly. In a separate bowl, place the ricotta with half the sugar and knead in cream with a whisk. In another bowl put the eggs with the remaining sugar and beat with a fork, joining the teaspoon of vanilla extract and a small vial of orange blossom (or lemon and orange zest). Add the ricotta and mix well.

With a ladle pour the mixture a bit at a time in the cooled semolina, stirring thoroughly. Now pour the mixture into a baking pan (greased and floured) and bake in preheated oven at 180 ° / 200 ° celsius for 45-50 minutes, until the cake becomes beautiful golden on surface. Remove the Migliaccio from oven and let it cool, then remove from the pan, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.

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