Soup in the bag


1 egg per head,
25 gr. per head flour,
15 gr. per head butter,
30 gr. per head of Parmesan,
beef broth.


Melt the butter in a double boiler, placing it in a bowl, then add, stirring constantly, flour, grated cheese, one at a time the whole eggs, a pinch of nutmeg and one of salt. When the ingredients are well blended, pour the mixture in a linen bag, close it (with a knot or with string) and put standing in the pot along with the meat in boiling broth. Simmer with the broth for 1 hour and a half.027 Remove the bag from the broth, let it cool and overturned the mixture on the cutting board. Cut into cubes of about 1.5 cm per side. Add to the simmering broth and cook over low heat for a minute before serving together with the Parmesan cheese.


Until a few years ago, this delicious soup was cooked in a hand-sewn cloth bag, which never failed in the homes of families from Bologna. The bag can be replaced with a clean cloth, washed without the use of detergents.

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