cat-and-dogqwqwMonge was born in 1963 from an intuition of Baldassare Monge. A big bet because it introduced a new concept for feeding dogs and cats in Italy. And a great news for those feeling the love of their pets everyday and wanting their well-being. Italy in those years was experiencing a great change. Millions of Italians moved from the countryside to the cities. In the houses our four-legged friends were becoming part of the household and were getting more and more care and attention. Baldassarre Monge realized that a change in dog and cat nutrition was necessary because their nutritional needs are very different from those of human beings.

d_ms_maxiadultThis is how the company grew steadily over the years, investing in innovation, research and quality, dealing with foreign markets and introducing a new concept of products in Italy, and obtained records not only in our country, but throughout Europe. It is an ongoing challenge to which the new generations of the family and important industry professionals are committed, called by Baldassare Monge to make their contribution with commitment and passion.


The Monge group is the most important Italian industrial production reality in the dog and cat food sector. The headquarters of Monasterolo di Savigliano, in the province of Cuneo, houses all departments: production, analysis, quality, development, logistics, marketing and management. A team of 225 professionals and 120 sales agents that in the past decade was able to bring the company to increase turnover by 441%. A remarkable achievement, made possible thanks to the strategic vision of the Monge Family and the commitment of all its employees.

To ensure the nutritional well being of dogs and cats with recipes more and more appropriate to their needs is the bet of Monge in the coming years. To achieve this goal, the most innovative dry food plant in Europe was opened in 2013. The principal objective for the environment is to prevent, reduce or eliminate, where possible, environmental pollution.


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