Mozzarella di Bufala Campana

It is one of the most representative products of our culinary tradition, and like all great protagonists, is also one of the most controversial, talked and imitated. The Mozzarella Di Bufala Campana PDO, with its simplicity, has a flavor that the world envies. To recount the peculiarities is Antonio Lucisano, Director of the Mozzarella di Bufala Consortium.

What differentiates the real buffalo mozzarella from other mozzarellaLogo_Mozzarella_di_Bufala_Campana_DOP                       “The production process, which includes a series of stringent requirements and is super controlled: 100% of the fresh milk of bufala DOP, no additives and much more”.

What makes the buffalo extraordinary?
“The Mediterranean buffalo is a unique animal, which produces a precious milk, with unique organoleptic and nutritional properties”.

It is often said that there are too many (self-styled) mozzarellas compared to the number of buffalo… There are so many fakes around?Dop-Logo                                                                  “Many, too many products today are defined improperly “mozzarella”, using a name that already five centuries ago exclusively designated the product obtained from buffalo milk, according to the ancient tradition of our region”.

How to recognize that true?
“By the presence of PDO symbol and the Consortium’s logo on the packaging”.

How to produce the buffalo mozzarella?
“It heats the milk, it curdles, separating the serum (from which you get another great product PDO: the buffalo ricotta), it ranks the curd with the addition of boiling water, it is truncated, it is left to harden and it is placed in a light brine, before wrap it up”.

How to serve it to be better valued?
“Never cold, but taking care to remove it from the refrigerator a few hours before or soak it with all his pack in hot water for 15-20 minutes, so that the aromas have the ability to give off”.


What are the rules to enter the Consortium?
“To join the consortium must be demonstrated to produce in accordance with strict production regulations approved at European level”.

What are the strong points of your handbook that do recognize the Mozzarella as a PDO?                 “The whole chain (production of milk and transformation in cheese) must take place within the territory of the PDO; the product must be fresh, white porcelain in colour, possess the typical structure, release milk when cutted, have the typical aromas and flavors of buffalo milk”.

What you can match? What are the recipes that best enhance the product?                                            “Many argue that the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is so good that there are no food preparation that can improve the performance. In fact, from the simple caprese salad or pizza, are endless the recipes that this product can make it special: from first courses to the dishes of meat or fish, to the most original dessert”.

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