Osteria Bel Sit

In Milan, Via Barona 51, there’s the “Osteria Bel Sit”, an historic restaurant in Milan was founded in 1986 by the comedian Meo Meazza, but what makes it special ? Bel Sit is a fusion between theater, concert hall and restaurant, offering guests an excellent home cooking, comedy and music.

Bel Sit’s long night of begins with the menu, a wide variety of regional dishes, then everybody on the dance floor until two am. Many historical figures of Milan’s cabaret, musicians from all over Italy and great actors will entertain you before, during and after the dinner.

In order too make it a even more special experience, the restaurant staff will welcome you with funny treating you like a part of the family. And of course there’s Walter, lead animator and presenter of the evening, will be able to make you laugh all night long.

Good food, good music , good comedy and a warm family atmosphere. This is the Bel Sit.

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