Serves 4

For Panelle
200 g of chickpea flour
1/2 liter of cold water
Melt the chickpea flour in cold water inside a pot, add salt and start cooking on low fire, stirring constantly until a solid polenta.
Pour the hot polenta in special wooden forms. If do not have them, pour it into a damp square baking pan or in a plum-cake mold .
Level out well and let cool.
When the dough is well cold refrigerate for 1 hour. Pick it out of the fridge and put on a cutting board.
If you did it to cool well will remain compact. If you have used the pan, cut the dough into strips about 10 cm. If you have used the mold for plum-cake will get already parallelepipeds of about 10 cm side.
Cut each parallelepiped in rectangles of 3-4 mm thickness, then divide each rectangle into two triangles.
Fry the panelle in plenty of well hot olive oil.
When they are golden keep it with a slotted spoon and place them in a colander to drain.
courtesy from Martino Ragusa

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