The “parrozzo», specialty of Pescara, has a “promotion” created and signed by none other than poet D’Annunzio. It is a cake made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, almonds and coated with chocolate. D’Annunzio was delicious and, being a friend of the pastry chef who invented it, got it’s name [which is derived from “ pan rozzo” (crude pan), because it simulates the bread of the peasants in the round shape and color] holding it in baptism.

Preparation and ingredients: images1

1. Chop 200 grams of almonds, add 150 grams of semolina and the grated rind of a lemon.
2. Mix everything. Whip the whites of six eggs until stiff with a pinch of salt and add the white fitted, along with the egg yolks and two hundred grams of sugar, almonds and semolina.
3. Coated with aluminum foil one bell mold. Pour the mixture then put in the oven for 3/4 hour at 180-200 C.
4. After cooking, place the parrozzo on a paper towel.

Garnish the parrozzo when it will be cold with chocolate you have previously melted. Let solidify.

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