Chicken Liver patè (Umbria recipe)

The amount of chicken liver should always be higher that of hearts and stomachs.

700g of liver and 400 g of hearts and stomachs.


Chicken livers
Hearts and stomachs of chicken
2 shallots
Wine vinegar ½ cup
White wine q.s.
Olive oil q.s.
A sage sprig
A sprig of rosemary needles
Lemon juice q.s.
Clean carefully the chicken livers, the hearts and the stomachs under running water then put them in a bowl with cold water, a pinch of salt and half a glass of wine vinegar (to 2.5 L of water).
Wait until they become white.
Remove them from the water and cut into pieces.
In a pan fry the shallots.
Once browned, put the meat, cutted in small pieces, and season with sage, rosemary, salt and pepper.
Add white wine q.s..
Let cook on quite high fire.
Once cooked let cool.
Then put in the blender until the mixture is smooth.
If desired can also be chopped coarsely.
Once chopped add oil and lemon juice to your liking.
Remember, however, that the pate must be creamy as it goes spread on bread,preferably homemade.
Store in refrigerator in a container with airtight and cover completely with more olive oil.

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