headerThe pasta P.M.C. was founded in 1986 in Alberobello, in the heart of Puglia, such as small company. Mary and Catherine, owners of the company, after decades of experience in an old pasta factory premises, they decide to make known the traditional flavors of the land of Trulli, focusing on a typical product: pasta. Orecchiette, cavatelli, fricielli and many other typical formats are produced in strict compliance with the oldest tradition of pasta. The selection of durum wheat in the lowlands of Puglia, the best ever, methods of mixing and the slow drying, are the characteristics that make our pasta a high quality product. By choosing a traditional and non-industrial production, our company has decided to focus on a niche market, the most attentive and demanding. The time has proved us right, and the demand of our products is always increasing.



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