Knowing how to cook agrees to the portfolio and health

from Martino Ragusa

True, the quality food costs more.
Besides, if the junk food is much cheaper there is a reason as well.
What can be done to gain access to proper nutrition for health and tasty to the palate even with a limited budget?
For example you can review your menu whereas organic egg coasts yes twice a standard egg, but it can be the basis for a great meal at a very low cost. Just that you knows how to cook.
To stay in the example, an egg is not just fried egg or hard or soft-boiled.

uova in purgatorio

uova in purgatorio

It may be en cocotte, in purgatory, various omelettes etc.
The same applies to oily fish, legumes, pasta and for many other products.legumi
The dividing line, once again, you knowing how to cook.
The good cook can prepare delicious meals with quality ingredients and inexpensive, avoiding ready sauces, frankfurter and various boxes always expensive and not always healthy but also the raw materials objectively expensive.
Who said that a plate of lobster spaghetti is always preferable to a plate of pasta with sardines?PESCE-AZZURRO

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