The term Sciatt is used in the Valtellina dialect to indicate the toads. However this Valtellina dish has very little to do with this animal, it falls under the buckwheat pancakes with irregular shape with inside them a cheese heart.
For 4 people.

Ingredients for the dough.sciat_12
• 300 gr. buckwheat flour
• 200 gr. of white flour
• 300 gr. cheese “Casera”
• 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
• 1 glass of grappa
• sparkling water
• oil for fry
• a pinch of yeast
Ingredients for the dressing.
• Chicory to accompany sciatt

Prepare the dough:

Knead buckwheat flour with white flour using carbonated water until mixture is quite substantial. Add the cheese cut into cubes, bread crumbs, a pinch of yeast and the grappa. Heat the oil in a large pot, when it starts to fry, do slip a bit of mixture (containing some cheese cubes) with the aid of a spoon.


Cook few at a time to prevent it from “sticking” together. Let them swell and color, drain and serve on a bed of chicory seasoned.
In place of ‘sparkling water and yeast you can use beer.

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