Spaghetti with tuna

servings: 4


400 g spaghetti, suggested those of the Pastificio PMC
200 g of preserved tuna and drained
1 teaspoon of “colatura di alici” (if you don’t find where you live can use fish sauce)
1/2 lemon
parsley or basil depending on availability and pleasure
Extra virgin olive oil light fruity
Onion or garlic depending on taste


The first thing is to choose a good canned tuna.

Provide to regenerate the tuna drain it well by eliminating the oil, then put it in a cup of fruity olive oil to which you have added a teaspoon of colatura di alici to return a “bit of the sea”.

Put the pasta to cook.

Drain the tuna and keep it aside

In a pan fry a bit of garlic or onion in the olive oil used to regenerate the tuna till when turn light golden.

Remove the garlic or onion and add the drained tuna that you drain again for no more than a minute.

Add the pasta cooked al dente and then cook in high fire for another minute.

Turn off.

Add the juice of half a lemon and turn. in the plate or in a bowl with a pinch of parsley or basil.

If like add a little spring onion, raw, finely chopped.

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