Tail Stew Beef

Persons: 4

Region of origin: South Tyrol

Recipe Category: Main meat


an oxtail,
three-quarters of a liter of dry red wine, robust,
an onion
a clove of garlic,
juniper berries,
two bay leaves,
a pinch of thyme,
a glass of olive oil,
a teaspoon of tomato paste,


Cut the oxtail and put the pieces crammed into a bowl so that they remain close.
Add the onion and the garlic coarsely chopped, peppercorns, juniper berries, bay leaf and thyme; cover with the red wine and let it marinate for two days.stufato-di-coda-di-bue-640x350
To prepare remove the pieces of tail from the marinade, dry and place in a saucepan; season with salt and pepper and fry in hot oil, add the herbs and pour over the marinade and with a little ‘of broth, add a teaspoon of tomato paste and cook very slowly for at least three hours.
Make sure the meat is tender, then remove the parts, degrease the sauce, if necessary, tie it with a little ‘of potato starch, pass the gravy with all the herbs, pour over the meat, allow to season low heat and serve hot.
Excellent with dumplings dry.

recipe from Accademia Italiana della Cucina

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