Mantua pumpkin tortelli

The pumpkin tortelli, low-fat food, are the first of the traditional Christmas Eve night, and also one of the symbols of Mantova cuisine.
Their particular taste, where you join the sweet of the pumpkin and spicy of the mustard (the Mantua mustard, totally different from the French), makes them unmistakable.


6: 1,5 kg. pumpkin, 1.5 hg. amaretti, Mantua mustard, nutmeg, grated Parmesan.
Fresh pasta


Cook the pumpkin in the oven. Remove skin and seeds, reducing it to a puree, add finely crumbled amaretti, a little Mantua mustard (juice and some thoroughly shredded leaf), a pinch of nutmeg and grated Parmesan cheese so as to make consistent the whole.
The mixture, after being well worked, is left to stand in a cool place for about twelve hours, so that all the flavors can blend.

With the filling will then make balls of two centimeters in diameter, to be distributed over fresh pasta squares of about ten centimeters to the side that, to enclose the pesto, they will fold in two, obtaining rectangles with a double of the other side. The tortelli are cooked in salted water, distributed in successive layers in a bowl, seasoning each layer with plenty of butter and sage, and grated Parmesan.

If the pumpkin is too watery, although permitted the addition of breadcrumbs to dry the dough and sugar to enrich the taste, the taste of the ravioli will be lackluster. Better to be sure that the pumpkin is ripe before you begin.

Stefano Goffredo

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