The agenda of the Council of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries, held this morning in Brussels, there is a debated proposal of the delegations of the Netherlands and Sweden: remove forever the TMC (Date of minimum durability) from dry products such as pasta, rice and coffee, but also hard cheeses, crackers, cookies and frozen. That the words “best before”, which many of us are accustomed to consider an expiration date itself, such as milk, yogurt, ham and so on.

In fact, the TMC is a “council” that concerns only some little perishable products and that leaves the consumer free to follow it or not. But what happens if you exceed it? It ‘s the answer to this question that triggered the reaction, anything but positive, a number of delegations, Italy in the head.

As explained by Luca Piretta, nutritionist specialist in food science, you do not risk poisoning, there is no damage to your health, but you lose the taste, texture and especially nutrients, such as vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants, which are essential for a healthy and effective.

That of the Netherlands, and Sweden is a proposal that, in a climate of crisis, aims to reduce food waste. That is, those 515 euro per year for each family throws away in Italian food ever eaten, and those 89 million tons of food products that end up in the dustbin throughout Europe. An ethical solution, from a certain point of view, but that understandably raises suspicions.

And if it was actually an attempt to lower the standard of quality of the food to make it competitive even countries that, unlike ours, are producing food not too appealing? See precisely the Netherlands and Sweden, as well as their supporters in the debate: Austria, Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg. And if it was a way to drastically reduce the stowed unsold in the warehouses of the big supermarkets? On the other hand, if it is allowed to send in Africa and in Asia expired foods to fight hunger emergency, why should not we use them too? The topic is hot, poor feedback. Vale pays to be careful with the decisions that will be taken and take steps accordingly. (la Repubblica, Corriere della Sera)

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