Organic vineyards, 22 percent of global hectares is located in Italy

More than 72,300 total hectares in our country; 10,000 companies and 1,300 wineries. Half of organic grape crops are in the South and Islands.
22% of the world’s area of organic vineyards are located in Italy, which boasts 72,000 hectares from 10,000 suited companies and 1,300 wineries.

Reminds us the AIAB, the Italian Association for Organic Farming on the basis of the Firab estimates, the Italian Foundation for Research in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture in pointing out that pesticides are useless because the organic cultivation of the vine as it makes the conventional one , ie 111 kg per hectare. As for the geographical distribution of the sector,vigneto compared to the Italian wine tradition that sees some regions of northern at the head, companies that produce organic wine are mostly found in the South and in the islands, which bring together 55% of Italian production.

A truly remarkable Italian soaring, remembers the Aiab, since the organic cultivation of grapes increased by 97% over the past eight years, which also corresponds to the overall growth trend. Only in Europe, which has 83% of the organic vine growing in the world, the organic grapevine has increased over the last 10 years by 249%. Data impressive when you think their reflection on the market; wine, in fact, is the food product most exported to the world, 1.1 billion euro in the US of which 56 million organic. In Italy, only in the Retail, concludes the Aiab, it grew 14% in 2014, for a value of 2,9 million euro.

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