Montanari & Gruzza


We have an indissoluble bond with Emilia region, its history and its centuries-old traditions. We live our land and our product are the gist and result of an ancient history of work , passion and wit. The daily collection of the cream that is naturally skimmed from milk in the making farm of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the selection and care of the same cheeses show a strong relationship with the region which is familiar to us since the beginning of our history which began in the middle of last century. We have chosen to care about our land and its biodiversity: our cheese range is highly diversified.  We montanari e gruzza_Azienda_21.5.13invest on typical milk cattle breed such as the ‘Reggiana’ Red Cow and the Bruna Alpina one, cattle varieties whose distinctive features create an aromatic Parmigiano Reggiano dop cheese that we let age long to make it intense in taste and offer the consumer all the complexity and typical values of a deep cultural history. Environment and locality, territory as place of our every-day life.  Our products’ dIversification is the result of a direct selection starting from earth and tradition and finishing on your tables.


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